Photo Tagging: Recapturing Our History Project

Photo Tagging Guidelines
Thank you for volunteering to tag photos in the Women’s Bar Association archives. These guidelines are designed to allow you to tag from any computer with Internet access, at any time, and for as long as you like.
As a thank you for your efforts in helping the WBA reclaim its history by identifying the subjects of our archival photos, we are offering all volunteers their choice of a WBA centennial T-shirt or tumbler (cup). Please contact the WBA office at 202-639-8880 or with your choice.
When you tag the photos, please follow the protocols outlined here to create consistency. Consistency is critical to our goal of creating a user-friendly, searchable collection of WBA historical records and archives, one that can be used for a variety of purposes going forward, including historical and other research.
I. Steps for Accessing the Flickr Database
WBA and WBA Foundation photos taken through the fall of 2008 are in a Flickrdatabase created by American University, with oversight by AU Professors Billie Jo Kaufman and Shannon Roddy. To access the database, go to Contact the WBA office (202-639-8880 or for the login credentials.
II. Albums
Upon accessing the WBA photo database, you will find many albums, mostly pictures taken at annual dinners and other significant WBA events. Choose an album and enter it. You can then scroll through the individual pictures. Identify as many individuals in each picture that you can. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t know everyone in the picture, or if you don’t know all of the information about someone you recognize. For example, you may know that three people in the picture are WBA past presidents, but not the years of their presidencies, and no one else in the picture. Provide as much information as you can! Someone else can follow later and add to the tags.
WBA historical materials are available to help jog your memory and provide more information about those you will see in the pictures. These include the following attached lists:
1.        WBA Presidents
2.        WBAF Presidents
3.        Women Lawyers of the Year
4.        Janet Reno Torchbearer Award recipients
5.        Stars of the Bar honorees
6.        Keynote speakers at WBA Annual Dinners
There are also histories of the WBA written for the 50th and 75th anniversary celebrations. These are available here:
50th Anniversary Program
75th Anniversary Program
When you look at a picture, check the information that has already been added. If you know that a tag that’s already there is wrong, note that.
When you are finish tagging, even if you plan to return another time to continue working on this project, please send an email to the WBA office ( and report your progress, including the particular albums on which you worked and whether any appear to be complete.
III.     Tags
A “tag” consists of one or more descriptive words. A tag of more than one word must have quotation marks around the whole phrase or the computer will make each word a separate tag. The following tags have been used already and should be used in future tagging:

  • Dates: Year (4-digit)/2-digit month/2-digit day (e.g., 12/05/2000).
  • Title: “Judge”, “WBA president”, “WBA Woman Lawyer of the Year”, “Cabinet Officer”
  • Event: “Annual dinner” and “Annual dinner [4-digit year]”
  • Award or Role: “Torchbearer”, “Keynote, ____[4-digit year],” “Woman Lawyer of the Year”
  • “Person's name: ______ _____” [For most persons, first name followed only by last name. The exception of using middle initials, full middle names or other deviations from the “first name, last name” protocol should be used sparingly and only for persons who are always identified in that fashion, e.g., Joyce Hens Green, Martha JP McQuade, M. Elizabeth Medaglia, Mary Ellen Abrecht, Mary Kate Whelan, Denise Wilson Taylor.
  • Location: Examples–“Washington, DC” or “DC Superior Court” or “500 Indiana Ave”
  • Firm: “Arent Fox, Partner” or “Covington & Burling”
  • Subject: “Women Judges” or “Young Leaders”
  • WBAF affiliations: “WBAF President”, “WBAF”, “WBA Foundation”
  • “Centennial Program” [for photos that should be considered for the WBA 100th anniversary program]
  • For judges: Judges are tagged twice, once including “Hon.” and once using only the person's name. 
For the WBA Initiative, use these tags in addition to any applicable naming tags listed above: 
  • “WBA Initiative on Advancement and Retention of Women”
  • “phase of WBA Initiative” (2006, 2008, 2010, etc.) 
IV. Descriptions
The Description box is separate from the tags. Similar, but non-identical, text goes in this box.
The description box includes more details about the event or picture than the tags. Where there are multiple persons in a photo, begin at the left and go left to right, giving the names and important descriptors of the people (like WBA president, WBAF president, etc.). Also include in the description the type of event (e.g., annual dinner) and the year it took place. If you are identifying a group and do not know someone’s name, insert “unknown” in his/her place. Ex. “Jane Smith, WBA president; Barbara Important, Woman Lawyer of the Year; Unknown.”
We hope you will enjoy your trips down memory lane as you look at historical WBA/WBAF materials and identify old friends and mentors.
If you need help, feel free to call or email any of the following:
Recapturing Our History project co-chairs
Norma B. Hutcheson, 202-722-4549,
Martha JP McQuade, 703-548-4200,
Diana M. Savit, 301-951-9191,
Carol Montoya, WBA office, 202-639-8880,

Resource Lists 
WBA Past Presidents
WBA Foundation Past Presidents
Woman Lawyer of the Year Recipients
Janet Reno Torchbearer Award Recipients
Stars of the Bar Honorees

Annual Dinner Keynote Speakers
2015      Kathryn H. Ruemmler, Partner, Latham & Watkins LLP
2013      Caitlin Halligan, General Counsel, New York County District Attorney’s Office
2010      Valerie B. Jarrett, Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement, The White House
2009      Melanne Verveer U.S. Department of State Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues, Office of the Secretary
2006      Joan Williams Distinguished Professor of Law, UC Hastings Foundation Chair and Director of the Center for WorkLife Law
2001      Hon. Elaine Chao Secretary U.S., Department of Labor
1998      Hon. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Lieutenant Governor, State of Maryland