WBA releases sexual harassment fact sheet; will be releasing an issue statement, hosting programming, and deploying a social media campaign on sexual harassment in the workplace, and particularly in the legal profession.

Washington, DC, April 4, 2018– The Women’s Bar Association of the District of Columbia (WBA) is proud to announce a new campaign—called #OurVoices—that pledges the WBA’s support for every person who has experienced sexual harassment or a #MeToo moment and promises swift action from the WBA in the form of programming, policy statements, social media campaigns, and more, to achieve workplaces that are free of sexual harassment.

The WBA also extends its continuing support to those firms and other organizations that continue to work to eliminate sexual harassment within and outside of their workplaces.

“Every attorney should be able to go to work without fear of sexual harassment of any kind. The WBA raises #OurVoices in support of harassment-free work places and bringing an end to behavior that has been tolerated for too long.” – Kerri Castellini, WBA President

Throughout the #OurVoices campaign, the WBA will be hosting programs to discuss different aspects of how sexual harassment impacts the workplace—from employees who are harassed, to employers who seek to end harassment in their organization, to attorneys who are fighting to rid the legal profession and other professions of all sexual harassment. The programs will feature industry experts and leaders in the fight to end sexual harassment.

The WBA has released a Sexual Harassment Fact Sheet to assist employers and employees who have experienced sexual harassment. The WBA will continue developing materials and hosting programming to provide a platform for the voices of WBA members and all women lawyers on these important topics.

Founded in 1917, the Women’s Bar Association is one of the oldest and largest voluntary bar associations in metropolitan Washington, DC. Today, as in 1917, we continue to pursue our mission of:

Maintaining the honor and integrity of the profession; promoting the administration of justice; advancing and protecting the interests of women lawyers; promoting their mutual improvement; and encouraging a spirit of friendship among our members.

If you would like more information about this topic or want to learn how to get more involved, please contact Carol Montoya at 202-639-6880 or carol@wbadc.org.