Raising the Bar Newsletter

Raising The Bar is the official newsletter of the Women’s Bar Association of the District of Columbia and the Women’s Bar Association Foundation. The newsletter publishes articles of general interest to our members. It is also a vehicle for Committees and Forums to publicize upcoming events and to report on past events.

Issue II, Winter 2020
Issue I, Summer 2019

Issue V, Spring 2019
Issue IV, Winter 2018-2019
Issue III, Fall 2018
Issue II, July-August 2018
Issue I, May-June 2018

Issue VI, March-April 2018
Issue V, January-February 2018
Issue IV, November-December 2017
Issue III, September-October 2017
Issue II, July-August 2017
Issue I, May-June 2017

Issue VI, March-April 2017
Issue V, January-February 2017
Issue IV, November-December 2016
Issue III, September-October 2016
Issue II. July-August 2016
Issue I. May-June 2016

Issue VI, March-April 2016
Issue V, January-February 2016
Issue IV, November-December 2015
Issue III, September-October 2015

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