Issue Statements

In our Centennial Year, the WBA honored our history and mission by initiating a project to develop a series of new Issue
Statements on topics of preeminent concern to our members and to all citizens.

After much discussion, a consensus was reached about the topics to be addressed in these first, Post-Centennial Issue statements. Those eight topics were: Equal Pay; a Diverse and Independent Judiciary; Suffrage for the District of Columbia; a Flexible Work-Life Equation; the Equal Rights Amendment; Domestic Violence; Sexual Harassment; and Health Care. An additional statement, on Family Unity, was added in October 2018. These issues focus on core societal concerns, and it is just for women lawyers to take a leadership role in advocating for improvements in each of these areas.

These Issue Statements represented an initial effort, and are not meant to be static and unchanging. Rather, the intention is that they should be an ever-evolving set of statements about the WBA’s advocacy beliefs, to inspire and guide our actions toward a better world. We seek input, and look forward to hearing from our members about ideas on these and other future statements.

This is one of the continuing efforts of the WBA, which seeks to actively support issues of special interest to women, and frequently uses its voice as one of the oldest and largest voluntary bar associations in metropolitan Washington, DC to advocate on behalf of them. We believe this effort is a key part of WBA’s ongoing Mission, and we look forward to working together to continue this effort.

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Equal Pay
Diverse and Independent Judiciary
Suffrage for the District of Columbia
Flexible Work-Life Equation
Equal Rights Amendment
Domestic Violence
Sexual Harassment
Health Care
Family Unity
Reproductive Rights