Mussey-Gillett Shining Star Award

The Women's Bar Association established the Mussey-Gillett Shining Star Award in 2007 to recognize WBA members who, through their vision and sustained and unflagging dedication to the WBA or to WBA committees and forums, have made extraordinary contributions that have advanced the mission of the association in the best tradition of leadership exemplified by the WBA's Founders, Ellen Spencer Mussey and Emma Gillett.

Mussey-Gillett Shining Star Award Recipients

2020    Janine Herring
2019    Sherlyn Johanson
2018    Kate Mueting
2017    Kandis Gibson
2016    Charlotte Kuenen, CFP®
2015    Cathy Pagano
2014    Colleen M. Yushchak
2013    Lynne Milne
2008    Jamie Abrams
2008    Christina Ayiotis
2008    Jenny Kim
2007    Trish Alatorre-Ridings
2007    Susan Kimmel