WBA Foundation Donors

FY17 Donors (June 1, 2016-May 31, 2017)
As of February 8, 2017

$1,000 and up
Ann Ford

$500 - $999
Beach-Oswald Immigration Law Associates
Hon. Diane Brenneman
Jennifer Duane
Grace Fremlin
Dori Hines
Monica G. Parham
Diana Savit
Cynthia Sitcov
Maureen Syracuse
Pamela Whittaker

$100 - $499
Rhoda Barish
Laurie Bertenthal
Janet Blizzard
Chandra Branham
Marjorie Burnett
Nancy Campbell
Kerri Castellini
Adrienne Clair
Jill Dash
Stephanie Duncan-Peters
Janine Harris
Nausheen Hassan
Yolanda Hawkins-Bautista
Kristin Hicks
Debra Jezouit
Maureen Knight
Susan Kovarovics
Charlotte Kuenen
Nancy Kuhn
Bridget Bailey Lipscomb
Nancy Long
Sari Long
Lorna MacLeod
Lorie Masters
Martha McQuade
Lynne Milne
Sonia Murphy
Ellen Ostrow
Cathy Pagano
Suzanne Reifman
James Sandman
Lucy Thomson
Kirsten Wilkerson
Joanne Young

Up to $99
Amy Bess
Eva Marie Carney
Anne Collier
Nancy Combs
Cathy Crowley
Brian Daly
Suzanne Ducat
Geraldine Gennet
Kathy Gunning
Joan Lanigan
Susan Low
Aime Meacham
M. Elizabeth Medaglia
Cathleen Mullen
Celeste Murphy
Lilyanne Ohanesian
Cathy Pagano
Michelle Roberts
Ann Shalleck
Royce Sherlock
Eric Sokol
Roya Vasseghi
Gail Westover
Wendy Wifler
Andrea Williams
Annonymous Gift


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Contributors listed in this list participated between June 1, 2015 and May 31, 2016. We have made every effort to assure the accuracy of this listing. If we have made an error, please accept our apology. You may call Elizabeth Mueller at 202-639-8880, and we will correct our records.

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