Janet Reno Torchbearer Award

The Janet Reno Torchbearer Award recognizes exceptional women lawyers, their achievements, and the trails they have blazed for those women who have followed. The Torchbearer Award is not expected to be given annually. It is reserved for those rare occasions when the accomplishments of an individual are so extraordinary that they should be recognized. Recipients are recognized by the WBA at its Annual Awards dinner, held in May.

Recipients of the Janet Reno Torchbearer Award

2016   Honorable Loretta E. Lynch
2012   Sheila Bair
2011   Dovey Johnson Roundtree
2008   Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
2007   Judith Areen
2001   Honorable Wilma Lewis
1998   Honorable Eleanor Holmes Norton
1997   Justice Sandra Day O'Connor
1996   Honorable Janet Reno

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