Woman Lawyer of the Year

The Woman Lawyer of the Year Award is given annually by the WBA at its Annual Dinner, held in May. The award recognizes a woman for her exceptional achievements in the legal profession and/or for her extraordinary contributions to the advancement of women in the profession.

The theme for the 2020-2021 Bar Year is “The Importance of Allies and Friends.” This Bar Year, we are focusing on: 1) Being Better Allies, 2) Encouraging and Educating Allies, and 3) Celebrating and Growing Friendships. The WBA is looking for nominees who embody the theme of tireless commitment to advancing women lawyers in the profession and engaging with allies to do so. Nominations are due September 25, 2020Click here for the nomination form.

Woman Lawyer of the Year Awardees congratulate the WBA on it's Centennial
The WBA debuted a powerful video featuring several past recepients of the Woman Lawyer of the Year award at this year's Annual Dinner & Centennial Celebration. The featured women explain why the WBA is important to them and speak to our continued relevancy.

WBA Woman Lawyer of the Year Recipients

2020 Jeannie Rhee
2019 Laurie Robinson Haden
2018 Hon Anna Blackburne-Rigsby
2017 Ana C. Reyes
2016 LTG Flora Darpino
2015 Judith Scott
2014 Judy Smith
2013 Hon. Vanessa Ruiz
2012 Katia Garrett
2011 Sherri N. Blount and Debra L. Lee
2010 Nancy Duff Campbell
2009 Justice Elena Kagan
2008 Mary Kennard
2007 Kim M. Keenan
2006 Judith Miller
2005 Hon. Noel Anketell Kramer
2004 Cory M. Amron
2003 Hon. Annice M. Wagner
2002 Carolyn Lamm
2001 Hon. Delissa Ridgeway
2000 Eleanor Acheson
1999 Patricia D. Gurne
1998 Hon. Norma Holloway Johnson
1997 Judith Winston
1996 Marcia Greenberger
1995 Pauline Schneider
1994 Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
1993 Jamie S. Gorelick
1992 Elizabeth Dole
1992 Elaine Ruth Jones
1992 Hon. Patricia McGowan Wald
1992 Hon. Patricia Schroeder
1991 Sara-Ann Determan
1990 Hon. Judith Rogers
1989 Judith Lichtman
1988 Patricia Price Bailey
1987 Betty Southard Murphy
1986 Jean Ramsay Bower
1985 Marna S. Tucker
1984 Hon. Patricia McGowan Wald
1983 Hon. Gladys Kessler
1982 Florence King
1981 Brooksley Born
1980 Hon. Helen Nies
1980 Hon. Edna Parker
1979 Hon. Joyce Hens Green
1978 Jean Dwyer
1977 Suzanne V. Richards
1976 Ruth Hankins-Nesbitt
1975 Hon. Roslyn Bell
1974 A. Patricia Frohman
1973 Margaret A. Haywood
1973 Louise O'Neil
1971 Margaret H. Brass
1970 Catherine B. Kelly
1969 Burnita Shelton Matthews
1968 Una Rita Morris Quenstedt
1967 Elizabeth Bunten
1966 Hon. June L. Green
1965 Marguerite Rawalt