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Dear WBA members, friends and supporters:

I am honored to serve as President to lead the WBA into its next 100 years of service to women in the profession. The Women’s Bar Association has a rich history of empowering and advancing women lawyers by fighting for equality, promoting diversity, and providing women with tools to succeed.

In 1921, to the ABA Section of Legal Education, WBA Co-Founder Emma Gillett, said:

"I want to say…that the women’s day is here. The women are not at the top yet. Does the road wind upward all the way? Yes, to the weary end, and women who are studying law and practicing law are not at the top yet. It is possibly just as well that the road should wind somewhat up as we go up."

Emma Gillett’s words are as relevant now as they were all of those years ago.   

While we have reflected on the accomplishments of the WBA during our Centennial year, we are faced with imagining the vast landscape of possibilities for the future of the association. During my remarks at our Annual Dinner on May 17, 2017, I challenged each of you to envision a world where the WBA does not need to exist. It is a world where law schools, law firms, and top positions in government and corporations reflect the demographic of our society. It is a world where every female attorney receives equal pay for the work she performs. It is a world where both men and women lawyers have the support they need to perform well in the work place and at home with paid family leave. To put it simply, it is a world where the work of the WBA is complete.

While we have made great advances towards this idyllic reality in the last 100 years, our work is far from done. We need to “march on” together to make possibility into reality.

This year, our programming and activities will focus on “marching on” together. Specifically, we are planning innovative programs that encourage women to run for public office, foster the use of technology in the profession and focus on the next phase of the WBA’s ground-breaking Initiative on  Advancement and Retention of Women.  

The WBA has already created a pathway to “march on” by completing a five-year strategic plan which will drive the association towards success.

Through the Centennial oral history project and digitization of the WBA archives, we are reminded that the advancements and achievements of women in the legal profession were not accomplished in giant leaps by unassisted trailblazers. Rather, those victories towards a brighter future were accomplished by working together, side by side, making small advances, until the sum of that community, and the sum of those accomplishments became the remarkable victories that we have enjoyed in the last 100 years.

I challenge each of you to join our effort this year.  If you are not a member, join us today! If you are already a member, check out our calendar to take advantage of the programming and events that will help support the effort to “march on.”

If we work together, I have no doubt that the WBA can indeed finish the work that our founders began 100 years ago.

Kerri Castellini
2017-2018 President


News and Highlights

All-In for Women

The WBA is recognizing law firms with 100% WBA membership among their female lawyers. The WBA is committed to advancing the interests of women lawyers, and we applaud law firms that share this commitment and demonstrate it by encouraging WBA membership. This month, we thank Kalijarvi, Chuzi, Newman & Fitch, P.C. and KaiserDillon PLLC for being All-In for Women!

If your firm (or office or practice group, in the case of a larger firm) is interested in being All-In for Women, please contact the WBA Membership Committee at membershipcomm@wbadc.org.

The American Society of International Law (ASIL)
The ASIL will hold its annual meeting April 4-7, 2018 in Washington DC.  The 2018 Annual Meeting will focus on international law in action: how and by whom international law is made, shaped, and carried out, both formally and informally; how it is taught; how the practices of international institutions, law firms, companies, not-for-profit organizations, government offices, and militaries generate international rules; how and in what ways states and other actors interact; and how participants deploy international legal arguments. The meeting will consider how international legal practice has changed and is continuing to change in response to geopolitical shifts and contemporary challenges, including demands for greater transparency, accountability, legitimacy, and inclusion.
To learn more about this event, click here

The D.C. Bar is calling for nominations for its 2018 Beatrice Rosenberg Award
The D.C. Bar is calling for nominations for its 2018 Beatrice Rosenberg Award for Excellence in Government Service and its 2018 Thurgood Marshall Award for excellence, commitment, and dedication in the areas of civil rights, civil liberties, and the public interest. Both awards will be presented at the Celebration of Leadership: The D.C. Bar Awards Dinner and Annual Meeting on June 12, 2018.  
Submissions must be received by February 2, 2018.

Please see  D.C. Bar website for additional information. 


Volunteer Opportunities
Get Involved with our Committees and Forums and maximize your WBA membership. Applications for those interested in serving as a co-chair or on a committee are accepted on an ongoing basis. Email admin@wbadc.org or call 202-639-8880 for more information.

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Maintaining the honor and integrity of the profession; promoting the administration of justice; advancing and protecting the interests of women lawyers; promoting their mutual improvement; and encouraging a spirit of friendship.


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